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Polyester (DVD w/Gimmicks) by Zivi Kivi - DVD

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Vendu par Arteco Production IMPORT USA

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You walk into a group of people in a close up or street magic settings and show them the newest thing in the world of magic - Mind Reading Stickers.

'My friend Zivi Kivi has taken technology I've never seen before and customized it for magicians. A truly unique revelation that you can leave with the spectator!'
- Bill Abbott

Here's how they work: You stick them on your smartphone (or the spectator's phone) so that they can 'charge up'. You hand over the phone to the person in front of you and from that point on, everyone is mesmerized by the screen. What they see is the magician doing sleight of hand both live and through a free application installed on all smartphones. You proceed to allow the spectator to select a card, and then dramatically, you peel off the sticker and reveal that although it was completely clear throughout the entire routine, it has now transformed - a card name has appeared on it. You turn over the actual card selected by the spectator, only to reveal it's exactly the same card indicated by the sticker - a perfect match! You can then place the sticker on your business card and give it to the spectator as an impossible gift that she will surely keep.

  • Shape Shifting Stickers
  • Easy to use
This is just one of the many routines you can try immediately after unpacking Polyester. The Shape Shifting Stickers are self working, and you can easily perform the routine again and again, revealing a new card every time. Use Polyester on window shields, on book covers, on any smartphone, on your business card, or on the specially added gimmick that is enclosed in the package.

  • Any Smartphone
  • Any deck of cards
  • Adaptive and ingenious
  • Multiple Routines
Polyester is a Unique magic effect that allows you to upgrade any card trick into a cool and visual routine, and the best part - it's super easy to do and it's so new and unheard of that people actually perceive this as real magic. Polyester is much more than merely Shape Shifting Stickers. It is also a principal on how to turn any close up card trick into an entire stage-like experience. It works awesome in the street, and fits perfectly for close up performers.

Use Polyester by itself, with one of the routines that are explained in the DVD, or integrate it to your own repertoire, it's so flexible you can perform Polyester virtually in any condition.

Routines that are explained in the DVD:
  • Polyester Classic - setup a mini stage show on your cell and use the Shape Shifting Stickers to get a round of applause every single time
  • Plastic Protector - use the special extra gimmick to create new visual illusions with the spectator's phone
  • Double Punch - use two stickers in a routine that proves you have the ability to change nano molecules and that each sticker can actually predict any card. You can even use this routine to empower the spectator and give her the illusion that they are performing the magic too
  • Teleport - take the image of a card and transfer it onto the sticker, only to reveal the card has literally changed into a blank card
  • Borrowed Phone - a mentalist take on the Polyester Classic that creates an intimate experience between you and the spectator
What do you get when you buy Polyester?
  • 150 stickers in three designs
  • 100 BONUS stickers in two additional designs
  • 1 extra gimmick
  • a DVD - 34 minutes long packed with routines and ideas
  • 2 music files that you can load into your cell or mp3 player and perform with (royalties were prepaid to the composer)
What level of skill is needed to perform Polyester?
Beginners and newbies can perform Polyester very quickly, as all you need to know is very basic sleight of hand. The Shape Shifting Stickers do all the work for you. Experienced Magicians, Workers and Sleight of Hand Close Up miracle men can incorporate Polyester into their day to day set. They have the opportunity to exploit the cunning little stickers and create a situation where the spectators actually enjoy watching them do plenty of sleight of hands - it's much more enjoyable to watch all that show off when using Polyester. As Zivi Kivi says - it's never about the gimmick, it's about the experience.

What other magicians are saying about Polyester:
'Polyester is the kind of trick that sneaks up on you. Yes, it's a card revelation, but you'll never see it coming. It builds intrigue & curiosity and ends with a fun surprise that your volunteer can take home. Plus it weighs nothing so it's easy to carry. What more could you want?'
- Doug Shceer, from Scheer Genius, USA

'Polyester is a very special trick, real eye candy. I was so filled with joy when I saw it for the first time and played around with it. Zivi managed to find something unique and visual. For someone like me, who saw everything everywhere, to see something totally new was such a refreshment and delight. Transforming a mentalism effect to a visual bonanza is not a trivial task. I am definitely going to enjoy using Polyester. Very cool'
- Lior Manor, winner of the Dunninger award 2001

'Polyester is a really neat trick. It's super easy to do, impresses people a lot, it is very clever and new, and most important, its kinda improptu as you have practically zero setup to do and the reactions are awesome!'
- Harel Papo, Close up and Stage magician, Israel

'If you want to lure your audience into a mini-theatre show, with a big surprise in the end , the possibilities of aesthetic displays are endless...Get it today.'
- Matan Rosenberg, close up magician, Israel

'I use Polyester everywhere I go. Young people freak out from this, but in a good way, and adults are amazed by it too. I perform Polyester as a warm up of all of my shows, during reception and on close up venues. The amount in the refill kit is enough for half a year, which is exactly the amount of time I want till I am looking for refreshment in my material anyway.'
- Zivi Kivi, Winner of second place in Israel Magician Championship 2012.

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