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Room Service by Mark Presley - Trick

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The magician picks up a folded cloth that is resting on his magic table. The magician tosses the cloth in the air, catches it and then shows both side of the cloth to be empty.

The magician then drapes the cloth over his/her hand and then reaches under the cloth and magically produces a full glass of wine. You can use wine, juice, milk or any liquid of your choice.

You take a sip of the liquid out of the glass and set the glass down on the 'Service Tray'.

Using the same cloth the magician next produces a candle, he/she sets the candle down on the 'Service Tray'.

Next the magician produces a rose from the cloth. He/she smells the rose and then sets it on the 'Service Tray'.

The magician then gestures for a round of applause but quickly directs his/her attention to the cloth he's still holding. The magician reaches into the cloth and produces a bunch of grapes. The magician places the grapes onto the 'Service Tray'.

As a grand finale the magician reaches for one grape. He eats it and at the same time the magician reaches for the candle on the service tray. The magician is now holding the candle.

And quicker than a wink...a lit match suddenly appears. The magician lights the candle and places it back onto the 'Service Tray'.

He/she picks up the glass of liquid, raises the glass upwards toward the audience, takes a sip, and receives a well-received applause.


'ROOM SERVICE.' In this effect you're the host/hostess and the audience are the guests.

Props included with 'Room Service'
1. Service tray with no slip drink mat. 'Room Service' tray is 12' inches in diameter
2. Candle with custom-made match pull. Candle is roughly 6' long.
3. Realistic Grapes. Note: real ones can also be used.
4. Room Service Cloth - No pockets
5. One Rose or flower. Note: a real rose or flower can be used as well. The rose/flower is roughly 6' inches long
6. DVD tutorial 45 minutes with in depth instruction.
7. Paper instructions
8. Matches
9. The packaging can be used to protect your props in transport.

Features and Benefits
2. No leak or spill seal gimmick - AKA 'No Spill Seal Gimmick'
3. No body loads
4. No pockets in the cloth
5. Practically self-working
6. Uses a real candle. No appearing candle used.
7. Use any liquid you wish in the wine glass.
8. The candle has a built in match pull as well as a safety device to prevent the candle from falling over on the service tray or onto the floor.
9. Use real grapes if you wish with simple modification.
10. You can also use a real rose instead of an artificial one.
11. Pass or throw the rose out to an audience member.
12. Great way to open a show or make a toast to the guest of honor.
13. Repair. Yes! Repair. Let's face it! Magic effects break when you're on the road traveling. Things do break! Although this effect was made with quality in mind props can break and become damaged. Because of past experiences with props breaking or becoming damaged with use, I have included detailed instructions on how to repair your props. I cover all the technical details on the DVD included with the effect. This segment of the DVD was thought up for the working magician in mind.

Thoughts and notes from the inventor:

Why did I invent 'Room Service' and what do I like about it?
I have always loved making liquid appear. I remember when I first saw it performed. I thought how magical it looked.

By seeing it performed, I was inspired to start performing it myself. I learned various gimmicks and techniques and I found many of them not consistent or reliable. At times, I might struggle with getting the gimmick off or it might leak or slip off, prematurely leaving a puddle on the middle of the stage floor. Have you ever experienced any of that before?

I have and this is why I invented 'Room Service'. After extensive research, I came up with the special manufactured material that I call the 'No Spill Seal Gimmick'.

When I first came up with the 'No Spill Seal Gimmick', I was even amazed at the strength and reliability it has. You can literally shake whatever liquid you have upside-down in the 'No Spill Seal Gimmick' and it WILL NOT SPILL!

I am so confident in the 'No Spill Seal Gimmick' that I will give it a life-time warranty. If you have any problems using the gimmick, or it is leaking, just contact me. I'll be happy to walk you through the necessary set-up either through email or via skype. Sometimes it's just a simple adjustment to stop it from leaking. If it needs to be replaced I will replace it. All you have to do is send the damaged 'No Spill Seal Gimmick' to me in the mail and I will replace it.

After I came up with the method of making the liquid appear in a consistent, smooth production, I started thinking about what I could do to make it different and stand out from other liquid productions.

I sat back and studied my demo videos of me performing the effect. One day after watching my demo performance of producing the wine glass, I had an idea! Why not produce a rose? I figured out the mechanics and in the process I thought it would add to the effect to add a candle. After the candle was added to the effect I thought adding grapes would complete the visual I had hoped for. Finally, I thought about the effect of making the candle appear. I decided to try to install a built in match pull on the candle.

Having the wine, candle, rose and grapes appear reminded me of being a guest in an elegant hotel.

And that's why I like 'Room Service'.

I think my favorite part of the effect is how I came up with making all these items appear.

It truly looks magical.

I'm very proud of the built in match pull that is on the candle.

It adds to the amazement of the audience when they suddenly see a lit match appear.

A lot of heart and soul went into 'Room Service' and I take pride in this effect.

I think the real working magician as well as amateurs will like this effect and find it classy and fun to perform. .

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