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Compte-rendu Festival Magique du Trévise

img 111644Compte-rendu Festival Magique du TréviseFESTIVAL MAGIQUE DU TREVISE
compte rendu par le journaliste danois Zarro Zarro dans
'Cirkus in Denmark'

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS --- many X-mas shows and festive events --
NOW: THEATRE TREVISE proudly presents:
- ONE-MAN -SHOW with and by LAURENT BERETTA- modern jazz-dance, magic and illusions, with a competent, female assistant.
- ONE-MAN-SHOW with and by FRED RAZON, with dancer ISADORA -modern magic with an original twist.
As opening act we saw JULIEN CROSS, labelled Magic in 3D - laser effects projected on stage, impossible to describe, and this stunt is still developing - the final result will come eventually.

Also: THEATRE TREVISE presents a X-mas Show:
LES MANGEURS DE LAPINS, burlesque comedians, one of the two is an amazing contorsionist, fun all the way ...
BERTOX, juggler and magician, warms the public while they are taking their seats, and then proceeds with his MAGIC AND JUGGLING ACT, funny and original.
FRED RAZON performs parts of his full show, also some original ideas with the magic appearance of goldfish...
YUKI, from Japan, world champion of Yoyo, performs his Yoyo act and a good Diabolo Act.
DOM DOM, tennis juggler - in the style of Serge Percelly, not a copy but as good as his mentor.
MARIEANGELE, beautiful, elegant in two entrées: oriental belly dance, in one of them she adds her skill with Hula-Hoop - extremely pleasing and very beautiful.

We will notice that THEATRE TREVISE every Sunday presents an Open Stage, where artists-to-be can try their talents on a real audience.
As far as I know, this is the only place in Europe where young and inexperienced artists can try out their acts in front of a live and thus REAL audiience.
One cannot start at the LIDO ...

All these shows are entirely or mainly visual - thus possible to enjoy for tourists not knowing French.

Also: Within the framework of the Christmas Market on the CHAMPS ELYSEES, I met the German TRABER FAMILY, HIGH-WIRE ARTISTS, presenting their high-wire act outdoor near the Champs Elysees, and also having a sales-outlet of Bratwurst and Glühwein /sausages and hot red wine/.

IT ALL HAPPENS IN PARIS - and a Joyful CHRISTMAS and a Magic 2010 to all from and reporter ZARRO ZARRO.
Théâtre Trévise 14 rue de trévise 75009 Paris metro: grands boulevards

Lulumessagere le 25/12/2009


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